Brooke Institute

The Brooke initiative: Brooke Institute

Brooke Institute is a world-wide initiative sponsored by Brooke. The initiative was born out of recognition that innovation, technology and a fast-paced environment has led to the business world becoming increasingly more complex, unpredictable and uncertain. When solving complex problems, gut feel or conventional consulting no longer works. Evidence-based and data-driven approaches are the only way to enable confidence and certainty while reducing risk.

We believe that the starting point for this is in the area of project and contract management. So through Brooke Institute, we collaborate with a number of experts, academia and professionals to determine with pinpoint accuracy what practices work best, under which conditions, based on the latest scientific evidence and data.

Any professional, association, educational institution or company can be involved with the Institute directly and have access to a range of tools that will help gauge your capability in project and contract management.

If you are a senior executive, are responsible for delivering benefits and value from large scale projects, or work in project or contract management directly, we have the tools, resources and connections you need.