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Customer-led service transformations that deliver real outcomes, fast.

The world is changing faster than ever - and the reasons are digital. Customers and stakeholders are more demanding. New competitors are appearing from nowhere. Existing competitors are breaking away from the pack. The customer experience is no longer a marketing tactic, it is a core competitive capability.

Where most businesses fail is in looking for technological silver bullets to solve their digital woes.

The most important factor in service transformation is people: not only external customers, but also those working to deliver the new experience.

At Brooke Digital, we understand people and how integral they are to your business.

We push the value of our technical and Design Thinking expertise further, using a unique process called Emotion Based Design. This process seeks to understand and incorporate human emotions and drivers into your journey mapping, service design and implementation, to ensure success.

We start the implementation conversation early and use our agile delivery strategy instead of the problematic “big bang” approach lowering your risk and building internal engagement.

Then we deliver. Download Brooke Digital Infosheet

We are a certified practitioner of the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).

Brooke Digital are proud to be a certified practitioner of the CSIA. We support CSIA members in achieving their vision for best-practice customer experience. Members can take advantage of our consultative services to rapidly build the right sustainable service solution for their businesses. This can include service advice, customer design and project implementation.

Are you looking for specific assistance to help close the gaps in your organisation following your CSIA assessment, or seeking expertise on the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS)? Brooke Digital are endorsed by the CSIA to provide you with this advice and support.

Want to know more? Reach out to our Managing Director Bruce McGregor via:
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